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With Bluestreak | Additive Manufacturing Edition™, you can integrate a quality management system directly into your additive workflow operations to print, inspect and fabricate quality parts faster, with better control and with less rework/scrap.


3D Printing Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been called the first manufacturing “revolution” of the 21st century. It offers a new way to create, customize and/or repair products, and in the process, is redefining current production technology.

AM facilities are striving for continuous improvement within each operational step within their predefined manufacturing Process; and to do this, they needed software that can be deployed in their production facilities, either stand-alone or as an add-on to their existing system(s).


Production Control
Existing software technology applications (whether ERP, MRP, home grown, or other systems) are lacking in the areas of better production control, real-time production visibility, and quality management initiatives tied directly to individual operators on the AM production floor 
helping to print, inspect, and fabricate better quality parts, faster; with less scrap and rework.


If your organization’s production facilities are using multiple 3D printers along with your other facility ‘work centers’, you need Bluestreak’s™ award winning software... 


Bluestreak I Additive Manufacturing Edition™ IS THE SOLUTION

Below is a partial list of functionality/capabilities we provide AM manufactures to meet their unique operational demands:

  • Track powder/raw material usage (i.e. virgin, 1x, 2x, 3x, etc.) since some jobs require that only virgin material be used in the AM Part creation process.

  • Provide Part number serialization generation/entry capability when multiple parts with varying serial numbers are produced on the same ‘build bed’.

  • Allow advanced dispositioning, non-conformance management and scrap disposition control, with real-time production floor tracking. Provide for various non-conformance Disposition Methods (Accepted As Is, Rework, Scrap & Destroy, Scrap & Discard, Scrap & Ship, etc.).

  • Allows multiple Part #’s on the same Work Order.

  • Collect Part Quality Characteristics at specific points in the various production processing steps (either through IIoT or Operator input).

Bluestreak I Additive Manufacturing Edition™ directly ties in quality initiatives to the shop floor (work centers/stations, equipment, personnel, vendors, etc.).


Quality Management

  • Supporting and enabling various industrial AM/3DP workflows through an extensible and customizable implementation approach, including Serialization transaction processing, platform Work Order/Build Process creation/ties, ability to transact by Build number, etc.

  • The ability to link Quality Control directly to Production steps; quickly set up Control Plans attached to each Work Order that defines its specific quality and processing requirements, operator instructions, inspection and testing requirements, required data collection, etc.

  • The ability to generate individual Certifications, with default Certs driven by Part, Process or Specifications referenced on the Work Order.

  • Ability to set up a ‘build platform batch’ where additional Work Orders can be created and added to the batch.

  • As a requirement of ISO 9001:2015, provides manageable user-defined Risk Templates with ‘scorable’ risk questions and answers to determine the overall risk in processing a particular Part; and can require every Customer Part quoted to have a Risk Analysis completed before the Quote can be printed or emailed out of the system to a Customer.


  • Built-in management of nonconformance ‘Scrap’; and Scrap/Part advanced disposition control.

  • Issue and document Non-conformances that automatically prevent Parts from advancing to the next step in processing.


  • Corrective Actions / Preventive Actions are automatically connected to future Work Orders.

  • View all Work Orders that are connected to a CAPA.

  • Quality Managers will know that CAPA instructions have been viewed/acknowledged by appropriate personnel via electronic signatures.

Document Management

  • Maintain a detailed, time-stamped user-identified audit trail for each document (required by certain accreditations/certifications/compliance standards).

  • Allows the ability to see what revision was ‘active and in force’ for a previous Work Order, equipment Maintenance Order, Certification, Non-Conformance, CAPA, Concern, Quote, Invoice, Audit, etc.

  • Assign Specifications for “Personnel Viewing” aka ITAR/EAR or company policy.

  • Can define a list of individuals who must Approve the document, or Acknowledge the newly published document, and electronically send the document prior to being published.

Production Floor

  • Monitor all work-in-progress (WIP) at every stage of processing.

  • Prioritized job list with Entry Date, Promised Date, Requested Date, Delivery Performance Date.

  • Labor and Indirect Labor tracking functions.

  • Schedule jobs by Sequence, Calendar Sequencer or Multi-Equipment Calendar.

  • Specify unique data collection requirements at each Operation step, if necessary.

  • Alert operators (and/or Supervisors) automatically, with real-time quality notifications via text message, iMail or eMail.

  • Predictive equipment maintenance using the system’s run charts to identify non-random changes in the operating parameters of key Process Equipment.

  • Provide for lean manufacturing total productive maintenance by providing equipment Operators instant feedback allowing personnel to address negative trends before out-of-tolerance conditions occur.

  • Track up/down time, labor hours and repair costs.


Advanced Specifications Management

  • Attach Specifications to individual operation steps to auto-test and qualify personnel, equipment and vendors to perform the required processing step.

  • Simplify Work Order processing by linking Quotes and Work Orders to current Specification requirements.

  • Displays where every document is referenced, so that updating to a new revision is rapid, accurate and fully documented (in Quotes, equipment maintenance, managed QMS documents, Processes, for Employee Training, and Vendor Qualification).

  • Generate Certification statements with a single click, auto-populated from Parts, Processes and Specifications. Include all Control Plan Characteristic test results, or select appropriate ones for the Certification.

  • When the Work Order is complete, the system provides a built-in, robust audit trail documenting conformance to requirements, along with a Process Control Matrix containing all supporting documents/references.


Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Any Control Plan Characteristic can be configured for SPC.

  • When test results are added, the SPC chart is updated in real-time allowing you to see and/or be notified at the time of test entry, if there are any issues with your Process.

  • SPC has extensible support for statistical rules to help spot trends before a Process gets ‘out of control’.

  • Provide instant Process feedback to inspection personnel allowing for immediate response to detrimental Process variation.

  • Use predefined run rules to highlight non-random out-of-control conditions to simplify chart interpretations and reduce training time.

  • Simplify Root Cause Analysis when non-conformances occur by providing data from key operating systems.

  • Improves repeatability and reproducibility of Inspection equipment by using the SPC programs during the calibration and verification processes.

Key Features​​

  • Capacity Planning

  • Work Order Management

  • Scheduling

  • Data Collection/Archiving

  • Inventory Control (Powder/Material Usage-Virgin, 1x, 2x, 3x, etc.)

  • Shipping/Receiving/Delivery

  • Document Management

  • Global Communications/Automatic Notifications

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Intelligent Part Planning

  • ITAR/EAR (User Viewing Restrictions)

  • Scrap Dispositions Control

  • Risk Analysis/Risk Management


Join other 3DP/AM facilities that are already realizing the advantages of using Bluestreak I Additive Manufacturing Edition™. Please contact us to discuss your company's specific needs.


Track powder/raw material usage
Corrective/Preventive actions are automatically connected to future work orders
Monitor all work-in-progress


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