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Serialization functions allow printing a myriad of combined or batched Parts, each with a uniquely generated serial number, on the same Build plate/platform.


The Serialization module allows multiple user-defined serial number formats (or templates), with the ability to specify that certain characters should be excluded in system-generated unique serial numbers (i.e. o, I, l, x, etc.). Templates are assignable for every customer Part. Bright AM™ also provides complete, auditable documentation and historical production data that maximizes throughput and reduces internal or external audit times, because all documents associated with a particular Part build are automatically linked and are accessible anytime via a hyperlink within the system.


Key Functions

  • Platform-centric Build plate ID’s are generated and tracked with the appropriate Process management/operation steps included for each Part build.

  • The actual Build plate could be tracked as equipment (typical) or as an inventory item in the system.
    There are two (2) tracking/configuration possibilities:

    • All Parts on the Build plate are following the same Process/route;

    • Individual Parts/Coupons/Test Bars that may take separate Processing routes from the Build plate

The Build ID connects all of the related Work Orders. There can potentially be one Work Order for each Part on the Build plate, and a separate Build Work Order that tracks the actual build Process. Then, when the various parts/coupons/test bars are removed from the Build plate they ‘travel’ and are tracked on their individual Work Orders.

With Bright AM™ you have the ability to define and generate new Work Order ‘packages’ to rapidly repeat previous Work Order Part builds, along with the provision of detailed serial number tracking of all Parts throughout the build (and post-processing) activities, from the beginning of AM production all the way through to shipping.

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