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Connect With Potential Customers 24X7
On A Software Program Utilized Everyday

Imagine reaching targeted prospects daily, in their work environment; where they need to be,and where they want to be, to effectively do their job. Your company image and messaging is top-of mind in front of the right customer-­‑imperative in today’s attention deficit world.

What is Customer Connector Portal?

Consumers have expanded their use of desktops, laptops, and smartphones at work and at home to access real-time information when they want it and on any device. Self-serve functionality is what people have come to expect in their personal lives and work place to do their jobs efficiently.


In keeping pace with cutting edge technology, Throughput I Bluestreak created the self-service Customer Connector Portal™  for our clients, over seven years ago, who in turn offer secure login access to Customer Connector Portalto their customers as a value-added benefit of doing business. These customers have real-time access to their work orders and related information such as order status, history, certification statements, payments and more.  No other software program in the service based manufacturing industry empowers customers with self-service capability tools.

Where Are Ads Placed?

Contacts are continually added when they are "invited" by their
vendor to "register/login" into Customer Connector Portal
Because it 
is 100% browser-based and can run on nearly any
device or operating system, advertisements within the portal
can be seen on any smartphone, tablet or eReader allowing
continual exposure.

The Portal News Section of the screen is where all
in-house notifications and advertisements are placed.

Who Sees Your Ad?

  • Senior Management (Owners/Accounting VP’s, Quality Managers,) 

  • Middle Management (Shipping, Maintenance)

  • Shop Floor (truck drivers, assembly, operators)

Industries Reached

  • Heat Treating

  • Powder Coating

  • Metal Finishing

  • Plating

Number of Viewers: 1,200

Bluestreak™, a powerful Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and
fully compliant Quality Management System (QMS), designed exclusively
for the Coating and Metals Treating industries where the primary focus is

quality processing and operations. Any service-based manufacturing
company can easily customize Bluestreak I MES I QMS™ to mirror unique
business workflows while dramatically increasing quality, capacity and velocity.                                



Click on the Media Kit for ad specifications, deadlines, insertion
contract and contact information. 


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