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The Bluestreak I intelliPlan™ function is part of Bluestreak I QMS™ (Quality Management System), which helps companies manage applicable industry specifications and guidelines (ISO, Nadcap, API, AS, TS, ITAR/EAR, MedAccred, Prime Contractors, etc.) in the part planning process and to provide detailed auditability.


intelliPlan™ allows the building of a sophisticated process for a new work order “on the fly” and updating a customer part process directly from the work order. The new process is built quickly and easily using the appropriate specifications and material/part processing rules to ensure higher quality of finished parts according to the required specifications.


intelliPlan™ leverages the power of “embedded processes” within Bluestreak™. Embedded Processes are simply “mini-processes” that can be embedded within other processes. This allows you the ability to manage a single mini-process that could be used in many hundreds of other processes. When building a process on a Work Order for a new customer part, intelliPlan™ filters the list of possible processes to select from based on required specifications, part information and rules that you manage as part of intelliPlan™. It also allows the updating/creating of a customer part process directly from the work order, saving valuable time and keystrokes.

intelliPlan™ works in concert with Bluestreak I Advanced Specification Library™, an innovative solution enabling businesses to conform to specification requirements every time while automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail, containing revision history, internal/customer/industry specification documents, QMS/Operating Procedures/Work Instruction documents, SDS documents, Customer PPAP’s, real-time qualifications, requirements, and other data. 


Bluestreak™ tools, can automatically cross-reference required specifications to everything it impacts – processing, equipment, personnel, vendors, and more, ALL in real-time on the shop floor. Don’t settle for independent silos of information – connect and control everything pertaining to a specification, using a central, convenient, easy-to-manage tool. Charts produced from the various supported systems varies based on the capability of the logging system. Some systems can provide data that is charted in the browser while others produce an image file.


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