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What Can
Customer Connector Portal
do for You?

Our Customer Connector Portal allows anytime access to your specific work orders and related information. This is a free, value-added, benefit of doing business with you!
Consumers and customers, like you, are utilizing multiple devices such as desktops, laptops and smartphones at work and at home.
This technology has expanded into allowing everyone to securely access personal and business information 24X7 via customer
service portals 
for; bank accounts, health records, airline reservations and reward programs; the list goes on. Just about everything
you need to do can be done on some type of self-service portal. Quick and reliable access to information is what the public has
come to expect.
Key Features


  • Powerful search capability based on: dates, part numbers, counts, weights, job numbers, processing
    requirements, alloys, purchase orders, and more.

  • Order status: received, in process, ready to ship, on the truck, delivered, shipped, and invoiced.

  • Work-in process information for every part.

Parts Logistics

  • "Inventory" for parts in process and completed.

  • A list of all unique part numbers processed in the last 50 orders. See real-time counts of each part number in
    every stage of processing – from receiving to invoicing.

Shipment Details

  • View and print shippers with signatures and received date and time.



  • View and print all certifications.



  • View and print all quotes.



  • View and print all invoices.



  • View and print each payment applied and which invoice(s) it was applied against.



  • View and print all issued credits.


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