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Bluestreak | Forging Edition™ is created specifically for the workflow forging environment, mirroring unique business processes and adding new job tracking capabilities.

The forging process has been utilized for hundreds of years and yet still today, is a critical component of modern manufacturing and technology advancements.  Bluestreak I Forging Edition™ manages every aspect of your diverse jobs/processes to make forged parts for Impression Die, Cold, Open Die, Seamless Rolled Ring Forging, etc.

Key Features

  • Quotations

  • Work Order entry

  • Certifications

  • Process masters

  • Scheduling

  • Real-time tracking

  • Pricing

  • Media attachments

  • Invoicing  and A/R

  • Automatic Notifications

  • Sales Reporting

  • Production analysis

  • Shipping reports

  • Customer Portal

  • Integrated Quality

  • Non-conformances/CAPAs

  • Inventory/Vendor PO

  • Specifications management

  • Maintenance

  • And much more

Bluestreak™ is designed to be extensible and configurable to your work centers, equipment, processes, and operational steps so it’s easier to implement than most other systems; and it also gives you access to a complete online training video library available 24x7x365.


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If you have critical defense related projects, rest assured the Bluestreak I ITAR/EAR™ user viewing control features, has the depth and breadth to implement and handle sensitive documentation and information under strict ITAR requirements.


  • Easy-to-access audit trails

  • Streamline processes

  • Manage and control sensitive information

  • Enforce classification

  • Limit distribution to safe recipients (traceable communication)

  • Manage aggressive scheduling requirements

  • Control strict cost and quality procedures

Add additional functionality when you need it in the future, with the popular forge add-ons such as: 
iDeliver, Customer ConnectorScheduleiMaintain and BlueDocs.

Please Contact Us for more information or for a demo of what Bluestreak I Forging Edition™ can do for your forge business.

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