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Bluestreak™ | Global communications Hub can automatically notify subscribers of events relevant to job function, or a triggering event, such as; parts ready to pick-up, a quote expiring, a non-conformance, changes to a job and more.

Bluestreak™ I Global Communications Hub, is the communications backbone of Bluestreak™. It pushes real-time notifications to subscribers via their preferred method(s) of communication, including: email, iMail, (the internal Bluestreak™ messaging platform), and text message (SMS). 

Key Features

  • Full integration with all Bluestreak™ modules

  • The ability to push an ever-growing list of notifications to interested subscribers, such as:

    • Pickup Request

    • Order - Entered

    • Order - Ready To Ship

    • Order - On Truck/Delivered

    • Order - No Tracking Activity

    • Order - On Hold

    • Order - Promised but not Delivered

    • Nonconformance Generated

    • Concern/Complaint Generated

    • Corrective/Preventive Action (CAPA) Generated

    • Specifications exceptions and qualification expirations for equipment, personnel and vendors.

    • iMail allows Bluestreak™ users to communicate natively within Bluestreak™, so they do not have to switch back and forth between Bluestreak™ and email.

    • Bluestreak users are automatically notified of any new iMail messages.

    • Senders can see the status of sent iMail: Did the recipient read the message? Delete it? Delete it without reading it?

    • Receive real-time communications from customers via iMail, email or text message through Bluestreak I Customer Connector™.

    • Easily manage groups of notifications and subscribers for each specific notification event.

    • Specified Bluestreak events automatically trigger notifications, so users do not have to manually create a notification for a given event.

    • Customers can independently manage their notification subscriptions via Bluestreak I Customer Connector™.


Please Contact Us for more information or for a demo of what the Bluestreak™ I Global Communications Hub can do for your business.


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