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Changing Service-Based Manufacturing




Bluestreak™ (aka Throughput Consulting Inc., aka Throughput | Bluestreak) is an innovated software development company that was founded in 2005 to address the forgotten manufacturing vertical: Service-based manufacturing companies that are part of the manufacturing supply chain who typically do not produce a part but instead receive parts, provide some service to the parts, and return them to their customer.


Bluestreak™, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Quality Management System (QMS), can capture and document any kind of production data during tracking as well as qualify personnel, equipment and outside vendors in real-time. Bluestreak™ also supports management of industry specifications, such as AIAG, API, AMS, AS, ASME, ASTM, ISO, NADCA, NADCAP, SAE, TS, MedAccred, plus any internal and Prime's specifications. 

Our software is 100% browser-based and can be licensed in the Cloud or run Perpetually on your own internal servers. There is ZERO software to install on any device that accesses Bluestreak™ and it runs on ANY modern device that has an internet access. Visit Our Website for More Information




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