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How Manufacturers Take Control of a Quality Control Audit

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

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Bluestreak’s™ innovative solution enables businesses to conform to specification requirements every time. You’ll create and maintain a fully documented audit trail with management specification documents, requirements, and media. More importantly, you’ll automatically cross-reference specifications to everything they impact: processing, equipment, personnel, vendors, etc.

Don’t settle for independent silos of information. Connect and control everything regarding a specification by using a central, convenient, easy-to-manage tool.

Auditors, Auditing, and Documentation for Days

You shouldn’t have to spend days poring over documentation details preparing for an audit; you have more important things to worry about. Audits shouldn’t take you away from your business or shut down production because of prep time. Bluestreak has solutions to streamline the process from start to finish.

Auditing itself is changing, making use of big data availability for more accurate insights during the audit process. With Bluestreak’s document database and ability to maintain specifications, processes, material tracking throughout production, and quality document collection at every step, your audits can be painless.

Once you know what documents you need, Bluestreak helps you take control, of document compilation and comprehensive retention from every angle. Having confidence in your records will lead to quick and easy audit compliance.

Traditional Audit Process

Preparing for an ISO Quality Audit can be daunting. CMT Quality Audits in manufacturing align with ISO 19011:2011 3.1, which looks for conformance to quality standards by a third party. A third-party auditor will not know the historical data surrounding the project or the segment that they are auditing, so a fully comprehensive view is required from start to finish.

Third-party audits allow for a non-biased view of the processes, a benefit to the industry as a whole. When you’re intimate with the process and equipment, it’s simple to make adjustments to meet your end needs—and dangerously easy to fudge paperwork when making a correction.

Audits follow a specific process (MMS) and documentation of each step is needed. These documents include but may not be limited to:

  • Onboarding processes

  • Training documents

  • Customer contracts and purchase orders

  • Design and development records

  • Specifications

  • Purchase documents

  • Material traceability records

  • Quality control documents

  • Emergency drill and safety meeting records

Gathering documents does not need to be a headache. In a siloed business structure, they can be maintained in multiple departments, including HR, sales, accounting, quality, safety, and production. If one department fails to maintain its paperwork, however, you lose a segment of the audit and need to investigate the missing pieces. Having a centralized database that knows where to pull each part of documentation applicable to each order, customer, equipment, or operator can make audits much less stressful.

Bluestreak’s Audit Prep

Bluestreak automates audit prep efficiently through real-time documentation and performance tracking. Our software allows these documents to be maintained and ready for auditors as needed, even when designs and specifications change.

With an integrated quality management system, all aspects of the audit process are tracked and maintained. The Advanced Specification Manager maintains a strict adherence to specifications and immediate response to auditor or client needs.

Benefits of the Advanced Specification Manager include the following.

  • Audit trail of the entire manufacturing process: From materials, additions, quality inspections, testing, equipment, and operators, everything is tracked.

  • Work order vs quote comparison: When your quote is approved, the purchase order is received, and the work order hits the production floor, you can track the order against the original quote.

  • On-demand certificate generation for conformance: In many manufacturing processes, specific conformance certificates must be requested upfront and may even cost more. With Bluestreak, the material and processes are tracked as part of the everyday operation and can be generated on-demand without advanced notification.

  • Coordination of multiple specifications, split shipments, or batch-specific needs being available as needed: Whether a single batch is divided between several shipments or a single shipment/order contains multiple batches, Bluestreak simplifies the coordination to maintain orders and paperwork.

  • Test and inspection records: These include what you tested, when, how, and what you corrected if results were adverse. Auditors will want to know how you identified non-conforming product and assured that no damaged product made it to client release. These documents are critical for the internal release of product and the audit review.

  • Real-time notifications: When something doesn’t match up, it’s easy to flag products for future audits.

Your New Audit Process

From days of prep to on-demand compilation of existing records in mere minutes, Bluestreak dramatically improves your audit trail process. You can more easily establish and maintain documentation records, resulting in three areas of improved efficiencies:

  • Upfront setup for document tracking

  • On-demand report-outs

  • Complete, up-to-date documentation, including a history of published changes, all in one place

Bluestreak automates the documentation process, giving you and your auditors access to real-time insights throughout each touchpoint of your production. You’ll have a quick collection of documentation for your next audit, ensuring full compliance and starting your audit on the right foot every time. With documentation for materials, change of materials, specifications, orders, testing, and quality review at the click of a button, you can take control of your next audit.

If you’re tired of business being halted for lengthy audit processes and want to see how automation not only cuts your audit times in half but helps build better relationships with your customers, contact us for a free demo today!

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