google-site-verification: google11e6042396280100.html Series #3 Bluestreak - Certifications and Production Control Plans

Series #3 Bluestreak - Certifications and Production Control Plans

March 30, 2016



Is there a brick wall between your business and quality management?


With Bluestreak™ you now have the capability to create individual or multiple CERTS off a single Work Order. Specific items off of one CERT can also be segregated so that information can be used to easily create another CERT. 


You can also:

  • Mix and match information to whatever the customer wants;

  • Omit specific quality data that doesn't necessarily need to be there;

  • Ensure compliance with each process to be used:

  • Pull furnace charts to accompany the CERTS;

  • Create default certification statements driven by part, process, or specification referenced on the Work Order.

Provide Certifications for the Specifications from right within Bluestreak™ system, all attached to each individual order. If one is sent to one customer, and another Part of the Work Order is to be a separate CERT for each of your customers.
Eliminate Errors
The real-time control features of Bluestreak I QMS™ lets an operator know immediately if they have entered something wrong, or punched in the wrong number. When you go to certify a job, the system lets you know if something isn't right; then, you can go back and correct it; or maybe there is something wrong that needs attention.



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