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The Future of Customer Service Is Self-Service

August 30, 2016


In today’s business world, it’s all about doing Customer Service better than your competitors. 
What if you could transform your company’s customer service by empowering your customers
to “self-serve” at any time they choose?  Change your company's relationship with your customers to save YOU and each CUSTOMER significant time!


As consumers have expanded their use of desktops, laptops, and smartphones at work and at home, they have come to expect the same consistent self-service access from wherever they are, on whatever device they're using. Here are some examples of how a customer could self-serve…"I lost the Certification (or the Shipper), and I need another on." They could get it themselves without interrupting you or your staff. And you know what? They’d rather get it themselves. They don’t want to have to call someone and be put on hold. How many times has a customer called and asked “Where are my parts?” “Are they being worked on?” “Have they been shipped?” “Have they been delivered?” “Who signed for it?” Take advantage of this business-building service for your company.  Learn more...


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