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At Bluestreak™ we are committed to helping entrepreneurs who are led to start up a new company or grow their small company. We know firsthand the challenges you face with cost being pretty much at the top. We want to be your partners and help you build a successful and profitable company!
An Incredible Offer for Start-Ups and Very Small Companies

Bluestreak™ is now offering a substantial discount on its award winning software, specifically for small and start-up businesses.


To help you get a successful start, no matter where you are located across the globe, Bluestreak’s™ dynamic baseline modules, including Quote to Invoice (Q2I), is available to you at a special user cost per month, plus a small one-time setup charge. Our complete online training video library is included, along with personalized training and support at no additional cost. Contact us now for details. 


The system will be run via our ‘Cloud’ licensing model, from our secure data center, so there is no need to purchase expensive computer equipment or the added expense of a local IT Services provider.  We take care of the software maintenance and apply new releases of the software for you automatically every month, including daily backups of your own corporate database.   


With Bluestreak’s™ Q2I, you will have the capability to:

  • Manage Customer Data, Individual Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Billing and Shipping information, Parts, PO’s, Notes, CRM functionality

  • Quote and Price Orders (email directly out of Bluestreak™)

  • Enter Work Orders and Create Job ‘Travelers’

  • Generate Certifications, if necessary (email directly out of Bluestreak™)

  • Create Shippers (including partial shipments)

  • Invoice and Manage Accounts Receivable (including partial orders)

  • Export Invoice data to Quickbooks (or other accounting software)

  • Use any mobile computing device that has modern browser internet access


Bluestreak’s™ desire is to be a true partner with you, in providing you with the business and operational tools you need to run a successful company, now and in the future.


Contact us today for more information and to see an introductory demo.


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