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A nonconformance can lead to rework, scrap, or worse,
a product recall. Stop expensive nonconformances, streamline conformance management, and improve quality processes.

Nonconformance Dispositioning

Bluestreak | Nonconformance Dispositioning™ module allows decisions to be made on the production floor “on-the-fly” as to the type of nonconformance and what should happen next with that Part. This is an additional real-time nonconformance feature during Part processing that provides an added level of operator control as well as visibility for management to see what is ‘really’ happening in the plant. 

Key Features


  • Add nonconformances to future operating steps within a Bluestreak™ Process. 

  • Allows final dispositioning to be managed later in the overall Process. 

  • Allows the Parts to continue processing while keeping a digitally linked audit trail of where the original nonconformance(s) occurred. 

  • The system supports multiple levels of ‘re-work’ orders and/or non-conformances from the original nonconformance.

  • Set up your own dropdown list of nonconformance reasons that you want to track and report.


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