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We Don't Leave Success to Chance

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Self-paced eLearning Platform

Self-paced learning can be used as a key component of your blended approach, utilizing the eLearning platform as a reference library with keyword search capability for topics. Build a learning plan and track your progress towards certifications with the manager and user reporting capability.​

Benefits of eLearning Platform

  • 24/7 – anytime, anywhere on any device

  • Instant access to updated training material

  • Expand knowledge transfer within your organization

  • Accommodates different learning styles

  • Increases user proficiency and productivity 

  • Reduces cost of learning

  • Activity and ROI reporting and measurements

  • Flexibility and scalability allow learning when it is optimal (Pause and pick back up when time permits. Create your own training schedule and work towards completion at your own pace).






Ongoing Updates

As Bluestreak™ features and functionality continue to expand, the demos available in the eLearning library will also continue to grow.  New modules are continuously added to the ever-expanding education content that will keep you up-to-date on the latest new versions, features, and best practices.

Personalized Online Training

Online training sessions can be scheduled with any of your staff and recorded for future reference.



Implementing a new QMS/MES system, or adding new functionality, changes how your company does business. Not only are you implementing new technology, but you are also updating or in some cases, changing your company’s existing processes while maintaining the productivity of your business. That is why Bluestreak™ has developed and streamlined a proven implementation and ongoing training curriculum to help our customers be productive and knowledgeable Bluestreak™ users in an expedient timeframe. 

Success Support

Using Bluestreak’s™ time-tested and “Success Support” process, we work directly with you and your team to ensure all elements of the implementation are completed properly and timely. Proper education ensures customers know which features are most relevant for their roles and how to use them to get their job done.

This ‘success’ formula is predictable, repeatable, and simple to understand. But, it’s a process and it requires initiative, dedication, and a ‘get it done’ mindset for you, our customer.

The goal of Success Support is to help you implement Bluestreak™ and commit to the process that trains you to use it most effectively and efficiently.

“We support your success through sound, effective, powerful, eye-on-the-goal project management.”
Bluestreak Project Team


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We Don't Leave Success to Chance

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