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Bluestreak™ and Bright AM™ have made scalability possible with separate modules to choose from based on your unique business requirements. Each of the modules focuses on a different functionality to run your business from office to shop-floor. As operations grow, you can continue to empower your team with tools needed for department integration, communication, and traceability by adding any additional modules anytime in the future.

Don’t settle for a software system that becomes stagnant and outdated after a few years. Bluestreak™ is the smart choice of software because of continuous new development driven by our customers’ requests for additional functionality. Because of this, we have continuous new development included in each of our new software releases.

ERP/MRP Integration
Although MES/QMS software is used to operate as self-contained systems, they are increasingly being integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software suites. The goal of a Manufacturing Execution System is to improve productivity and reduce cycle time, the total time to complete a Work Order. By integrating MES/QMS with ERP/MRP software, production control managers can be proactive about ensuring the delivery of quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner.


Baseline Bluestreak System Modules

  • Global Communications Hub – (Included in Basic System) Provides relevant real-time notifications via email, internal Bluestreak™ iMail, or text messaging.

  • Quote to Invoice (Q2I) baseline Work Order Management ‘engine’ powering suite of modules

    • Manage customer/vendor/prospect data, contacts, and customer concerns

    • Quote and Price Orders with multiple pricing mechanisms (including rack pricing)

    • Manage Work Orders / Job Travelers, Certs, CAPAs, NonConformances, Shippers

    • Control Plan characteristics and test results

    • Invoice and manage Accounts Receivable

    • Use any mobile device with internet access via a modern browser


Production Control / Job Tracking Modules

General Business Management Modules

  • Purchase Order and Inventory – Inventory and purchase order management for smarter, faster-purchasing decisions with automated inventory level notifications

  • iDeliver (for delivery and pick up of completed Parts) – Manages shipping and delivery with a Smartphone or tablet.

  • iMaintain (integrated equipment maintenance tied to Specs) – A planning, scheduling, preventative maintenance (PM) tool. 

  • BlueDocs (document management system with version control) – Allows complete management and revision control of all corporate documents, Quality Manual, Operating/Work Instructions, Equipment Operating Procedures, Employee Handbook, etc.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory – Manage your customer’s parts (short term/long term) until parts can be delivered to your clients.

  • Marketing / eMail Campaigns – Create and schedule email blasts to internal staff, vendors, clients, and prospects you have set up in your Bluestreak™ database.

  • Employee Manager (under development)

  • Audit (under development)

  • Risk Analysis – To assist in the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks, a requirement of ISO 9001:2015.



  • Production Pathway (shop-floor interface, real-time tracking, accountability) – Monitor all work in progress with this dynamic shop-floor interface with real-time tracking.

  • Schedule – Intuitive scheduling tool to view/manage all open orders.

  • Operation Properties – Set up and designate additional data points and processing parameters on individual operating steps within a process.

  • intelliPlan (intelligent part-process planning) – Manage application industry specifications and guidelines in the part planning process for detailed auditability.

  • SSi Controller Interface (under development)


Compliance / Quality Management Modules

  • Advanced Specifications Manager / Spec Library – Monitor all work in progress with this dynamic shop-floor interface with real-time tracking

  • Advanced Quality (rounding and converted units) – Enables fundamental features within your company’s Quality Control Plan characteristics – “rounding” and converted units.”

  • Advanced Control Plans / Sampling Plans (part-specific control plans) – Control advanced quality characteristics at the Work Order level or on individual steps within an overall Part Process.

  • User Viewing Restrictions (ITAR, EAR, etc.) – Manage complex requirements of company data viewing restrictions and ITAR/EAR regulations do spec sheet/website as a module.

  • SPC – Statistical Process Control – Spot trends before your Process is out-of-control.

  • BlueCharts (data logging/charting system integration) – A web application designed to integrate Bluestreak™ with your existing data logging system.

  • C3Data Pyrometry Integration – Automatically notifies Bluestreak™ when furnace compliance data changes.

  • Advanced Approvals (under development)

  • Automatic Contract Review – The optional Auto Contract Review process will be built into the Bluestreak™ order entry workflow, where we can code custom tests to prevent order entry errors. This review process would run automatically whenever a Work Order is created.


Customer Experience Modules

  • Customer Connector Portal – Empower customers to self-serve by placing Customer’s job/shipping/certification/etc., information into their hands in real-time.

  • Survey – Create customizable feedback survey questions and send to a group of Bluestreak™ internal users or a group of Contacts (external customers, vendors, etc.).

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions – (Included in Basic System) One unified system that connects the sales team, senior management, and the shop floor to better manage customers and prospects.


Bright AM™ – Additive Manufacturing Add-On Modules

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