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Streamline and manage industry specifications, such as AIAG, API, AMS, AS, ASME, ASTM, ISO, NADCA, NADCAP, SAE, TS, etc., plus any internal and
Prime’s specifications.

Advanced Specifications Manager/ Spec Library

Unsolicited Auditor Testimonial Who Recently Completed AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 Audits
for our Bluestreak™ Customer. 

“The interactive and multifaceted business systems that have been implemented as part of the Bluestreak™ software are, in my experience, far and away one of the best applications for the control and management of a Quality Management System. As auditors, we get to see all sorts of applications for the control of activities, documentation, and records. The Bluestreak™ approach is definitely a best practice. The system supported the integration and implementation of the controls necessary for a solid QMS in ways that are easy to understand and appeared easy to use. I have no doubt that this system will be a real plus for your team going forward.”

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Bluestreak’s™ innovative solution enables businesses to conform to specification requirements every time while automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail, containing management specification documents, requirements, media, and more importantly, automatically cross-reference specifications to everything they impact – processing, equipment, personnel, vendors, and more. Businesses don’t have to settle for independent silos of information anymore – connect and control everything pertaining to a specification, using a central, convenient, easy-to-manage tool.

Bluestreak I Advanced Specifications Manager™ makes managing specifications simple and fast — saving you valuable time and money. Mission-critical information is always:

  • Available — making you substantially more responsive to staff, customers, vendors, and auditors; allowing you to provide new levels of service.

  • Accessible — dramatically reducing inefficiencies created searching for specifications and related information. You become more efficient and productive.

  • Accurate — ensuring that all work orders are processed within conforming specifications, thereby reducing organizational risk.

  • Complete — providing a total specification picture for every job, every time.


Bluestreak I intelliPlan ™ allows the building of a sophisticated process for a new work order “on the fly” and updating a customer part process directly from the work order. The new process is built quickly and easily using the appropriate specifications and material/part processing rules to ensure a higher quality of finished parts according to the required specifications.

Bluestreak I intelliPlan™ leverages the power of “embedded processes” within Bluestreak™. Embedded Processes are simply “mini-processes” that can be embedded within other processes. This allows you the ability to manage a single mini-process that could be used in many hundreds of other processes. When building a process on a Work Order for a new customer part, Bluestreak I intelliPlan™ filters the list of possible processes to select from based on required specifications, part information, and rules that you manage as part of Bluestreak I intelliPlan™. It also allows the updating/creating of a customer part process directly from the work order, saving valuable time and keystrokes.

Key Features

Bluestreak I Advanced Specifications Manager™ simplifies work order processing by linking quotes and work orders to current specification requirements.  You are alerted in real-time:

  • Of a mismatch between quote and work order specifications.

  • When work order specifications are superseded by a newer revision or have been obsoleted.

  • When an operator attempts to process a load without having proper qualifications and/or inadequate documentation of training.

  • When equipment is selected, or attempted to be selected, and is not qualified for the process, or its qualification has lapsed.

  • Of upcoming requirements for equipment, vendors, or personnel, including: Uniformity Surveys, System Accuracy Tests, Instrument Calibration, Thermocouple Replacement, Training, Maintenance, Vendor Certifications.

  • Of vendors who are not qualified for a particular job, or who have lapsed qualification.

When the work order is complete, Bluestreak I Advanced Specifications Manager™ provides:

  • A built-in, robust audit trail of conformance to requirements.

  • A process control matrix containing all references, including: internal and external specifications, drawings, purchase orders, other specified documents.

  • Virtually instant response to auditor or customer inquiries regarding conformance.

  • Centralized record ownership and management.

Advanced Specifications Manager™ makes updating specifications to a new revision rapid, accurate, and fully documented:

  • Creates an auditable trail that documents revisions including reason, date, and implementing person.

  • Instantly connects current revisions to prior revisions, quotations, processes, equipment, vendors, and/or personnel training records.

  • Automatically flags specification inconsistencies at Order Entry for contract review. 

  • References every document, internal and external, so updating to a new revision is rapid, accurate, and fully documented.


Bluestreak I ITAR/EAR™ is Now Available as an Add-on License to Advanced Specifications Manager™

ITAR/EAR™ regulations are required by the U.S. Department of State to regulate the export and import of U.S. military and defense-related equipment and information affecting the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of technology. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure their supply chain is ITAR certified or ITAR compliant. Noncompliance could result in substantial penalties, both civil and criminal.

Bluestreak I ITAR/EAR™ has the depth and breadth to implement and manage all aspects of a compliance program:

  • Easy-to-access audit trails

  • Manage and control sensitive information such as processing instructions, quality specifications, quality test results, and any media like part drawings, customer procedures, etc.

  • Limit distribution to safe recipients (traceable communication)

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