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Track Part Build Operations  

Production Tracking

The Out-of-Sequence Production Tracking module offered by Bluestreak provides valuable information on concurrent operations which deviate from the specified sequence in a given Work Order. Such a system of real-time tracking allows for numerous part-processing operations to be conducted ‘out of sequence’, thus providing extra flexibility when resources become limited at earlier production steps. By utilizing this module, businesses are better equipped to track processing tasks, such as quality inspections or NDT techniques, along with outside vendor processing like heat treatment, more efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

  • Out-of-sequence production tracking provides for multiple, mutually exclusive part-processing routes at the individual Part level.

  • Users can determine, during real-time production processing, which routes the additively manufactured Parts will flow through, along with ‘splitting’ Part quantities within the various operating steps.

This is helpful for scenarios like Additive Manufacturing, heat-treating, or surface finishing, where a determination can be made on the fly whether to do the work in-house or if onsite resources are not available, send to an outside vendor, along with a system-generated Vendor Traveler processing instruction document that accompanies the Parts.

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