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Simplify the way your employees access your electronic charting systems to a single “click,” for any load of parts in any piece of equipment, without having to go into another program and computer.


Bluestreak I BlueCharts™ is a web application designed to integrate Bluestreak™ with your existing data logging system. Using Bluestreak I Production Pathway™ to track loads, you have all the data you need to produce a chart. Start time, end time, and equipment. By simply clicking a link in the WIP History Tree, a browser window opens with the load chart for the selected load.​

Supported Charting Systems

Charts produced from the various supported systems vary based on the capability of the logging system. Some systems can provide data that is charted in the browser while others produce an image file.

  • SSi (data-driven & image charts)

  • Wonderware (data-driven & image charts)

  • SpecView (data-driven)

  • Eurotherm (data-driven)

  • Paper Charts (scanned)

  • Proprietary Systems (based on integration capabilities) 

We can usually integrate with ANY system you may be using if it is not listed above. 











Key Features

  • Browser-based UI allows viewing from any modern web browser.

  • Modular design allows new charting systems to be added.

  • A Chart definition is time-sensitive.  This means when you update
    or change charting systems, previous charts are not affected.
    A new Chart definition is added to handle the new system.

  • Notes and Order information may be added to the chart.

  • The chart may be saved as an image file.  (PDF at some future date).

  • View and export the data.

  • Change time periods of retrieved data.

  • Show general chart notes (i.e. Manager sign-offs) or series-specific
    chart notes (i.e. start Soak, End Soak).

Bluestreak™ Chart Definition

For electronic chart data, you define how the chart looks and when it is active. A single Y-axis or multiple Y axes may be specified. This is necessary when charted data scales vary. Each Y-axis may have one or more series. Series and axis labels may be shown with human-readable text instead of obscure equipment tag names. A Chart definition is time-sensitive. When a charting system changes, (or additional sensors are added), a new Chart definition may be created with an active date to reflect the additional information. The previous chart definition will end when the new definition begins. This allows the correct chart to be shown for any time period.​

The Technology

The web control used for the Electronic Chart viewer uses SVG (scalable vector graphics) technology. This allows the chart to be viewed in any modern browser. The control also allows series to be hidden and the scale to be expanded to “zoom in” anywhere in the data. Individual data points are shown as tooltips for the entire data set.​


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