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Control the entire lifecycle of your documents and simplify content management. Quickly access, create,
collaborate, approve and change documents within a single system.


BlueDocs™ is a module within Bluestreak I QMS I MES™ that allows complete management of corporate documents, like Quality and Training Manuals, Compliance documentation and Work Instructions, and any single or group of documents you need to control. Authorized users have the ability to check out a document, make changes, send the document on a sign-off routing to any number of Bluestreak™ users, and publish the latest version while maintaining previous versions. 

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Whether you are still using a manual paper-based system, or have some other type of document control system, there is still room for improvement.

Some companies have entire rooms and cabinets full of documents and stacks of paperwork that waste space, cause maintenance issues, and is a fire hazard. It is time to store and manage all of these documents electronically to get rid of the paper. Remember, you can always print something out if you need to.

Many accreditations, certifications, and compliance standards, such as ISO 9001 and AS 9100 require you to have the capability to track and show revision control to key documentation. You also need to solve the accountability and document security conundrum… Be able to answer questions such as: “Who had access to these critical files?”; “Who changed our Operating Procedures?” 

Key Features

The real power of Bluestreak I BlueDocs™ is that it allows control of all important documents and integrates specific documents with real-time production control.

  • Working within the Bluestreak MES|QMS™ system, Bluestreak I BlueDocs™ maintains ALL revisions so you can see what revision was active for a previous:

    • Order – All aspects

    • Maintenance Order

    • Certification

    • Nonconformance

    • Concern

    • CAPA

    • Quote

    • Invoice

    • Audit 

  • A document can be attached anywhere Media can be attached.

  • Tracks ALL changes via a Change Log (like many areas in Bluestreak™).

  • Documents can be electronically distributed versus printed manuals.

  • Is roles-based, or rights controlled (you decide who has Create, Read,
    Update and Delete privileges).

  • Can assign specific Label(s) for categorizing documents          

  • Can assign Specifications for “Personnel-Viewing,” aka ITAR/EAR

A single person can be designated as the “Editor” of a pre-published revision but can be moved to another person if required. Plus, a list of individuals who must approve the BlueDoc™ can be defined. You can send the document(s) to specific Approvers prior to being published. A daily iMail will be sent out to any Approvers or Acknowledgers who have yet to review the revision. The Editor of a document will be reminded of this same list of people who have yet to review the new revision. Only after 100% approval can a revision be published and become the latest version of a document.


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