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One unified database solution that could connect the sales team, customers, prospects, vendors, and senior management, all the way down to shop-floor personnel alleviating department silos.

Customer Relationship Management

Bluestreak™ is at the heart of your company providing visibility and management of customers and prospects so you can engage, manage and grow your business. Start your day with everything you need to work effectively – recommended follow-ups, today’s calendar events, and any upcoming tasks in a single place. Reach out to key contacts, review previous discussions and note any offline interactions (meetings, calls, etc.)


Key Features

In addition to the core functionality of generating quotes, invoices, work orders, certifications, shippers, and invoices, Bluestreak™ also offers the following integrated management:

  • Remote Access / Mobile Access
    Any device that has internet connectivity such as laptop or desktop computers, tablets, iPads,iPhones, Nook, or Kindle eBook. Mobile access to contact information, sales collateral, data from back-office systems, and organizational schedules. Also, receive valuable alerts and/or notifications while traveling.

  • Customer & Prospect Contact Management
    Bluestreak™ allows you to organize your prospects and individual contacts into groupings that match the way you work because you set up the Groups and Labels that you can assign to Prospect companies and individual contacts within that company. Also helps you with Lead Qualification, before spinning too many sales cycle activities.

  • Task Management
    Add/manage follow-up tasks for Customers/Prospects. Capability to keep track of previous tasks and emails sent to contacts as well as add future tasks that will automatically show up as “reminders” on your task management screen. Attach media (pictures, videos, files, diagrams, etc.) with the ability to add unlimited Notes. Assign functional Labels to specific individuals based on their role in the organization or their role in your sales efforts. Email directly out of Bluestreak™. Keep track of the Last Contact Date and Next Contact Date. 

  • Reports / Dashboards
    Set up dashboards with the information you want to see. Reports can be exported to a spreadsheet.  View information via built-in Search mechanisms and ‘grid’ query reports. Many existing reports are available to you via our online Report Exchange. 

  • CRM Data / File Storage
    No more need for paper in file cabinets. You gain a method of unlimited data storage so that Bluestreak™ can pull up the data you need for a specific customer, prospect, or individual contact person quickly and efficiently. You still can print a document, if necessary.

  • Collaboration Integration
    Using Bluestreak I iMail™ (internal mail) communications hub, you can communicate and collaborate with others within your company, as well as with customers/prospects/vendor personnel via email or text message.

  • Automation & Email Marketing
    Design, build, schedule, and send email campaigns to customers, vendors, and prospects to groups or recipients you control.

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