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Add More Functionality to Your ERP System With Bluestreak MES I QMS™

Bluestreak™ Can "Talk" to Your Existing ERP System
(as well as your customer's ERP system)

ERP Integration

Bluestreak™, with its connectivity options, provides an easy and flexible connection and bidirectional communications to nearly any ERP system. Now you can capture any kind of production data during tracking as well as qualify personnel, equipment, and outside vendors in real-time. Plus, a fully extensible QMS system is included along with Certification generation/CAPAs, Nonconformance, documentation, and more. Our auditable data change history makes quality audits at least 50% faster.

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Key Features

• Track labor time, indirect labor, and equipment utilization
• Produce Certifications (with or without quality characteristics)
• Collect detailed and accurate information in real-time
• Certification/CAPA/Nonconformance tracking and control
• Completed Bluestreak™ Work Orders can notify the ERP system

• Complete, documented history on every job
• Qualify personnel/equipment/outside vendors
• Generate a custom Work Order that is tracked on the shop floor
• Analyze production with Bluestreak's™ KPI Dashboards

Bluestreak™ uncovers the big picture and the small details in real-time...


Is Your Shop Floor Isolated From the Rest of Your Business?

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