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With Bluestreak | iDeliver™, you can provide your Shipping Department and Delivery Drivers, a fast and precise way to manage delivering completed parts to your customers,
using nothing more than a Smart Phone or Tablet.

Built using the latest software technology to drive the latest hardware technology of tablets and Smart Phones. Bluestreak I iDeliver™ is a very tangible indicator to your customer of your company’s commitment to best quality and best service. Tablets like the iPad or Android-based devices and Smart Phones as well as the iPhone are completely supported.

Key Features

  • Like all of Bluestreak™, iDeliver is 100% browser-based - no software to install.

  • Will run on any browser, most tablets (iPad & Android) and most smart phones (iPhone & Android)

  • Can be used in the shipping office on a fixed computer station, or with a tablet, for customer pickups.

  • Easily used on your delivery truck with a tablet or smart phone.

  • Unlimited users - no dongles or per seat licensing with ALL Bluestreak™ products.

  • Shipper queues are assigned for each order and can be easily changed for each Order shipment.

  • Users setup their own preferred shipper queue, but can easily load their trucks from the queues of other users when necessary.

  • Users simply open their default queue and rapidly select all of the shipments being picked up or being put on one of your trucks.

  • Deliveries are automatically grouped by Customer and delivery address to help the driver deliver the correct parts to the correct address. 

  • Real-time status updates can let your customers know when their parts have been picked up, or have been put on a truck for delivery or have been delivered to their dock. They can receive instant notifications via email and/or text message.

  • Your customer can easily see who accepted the parts delivery; proof of delivery is quickly verifiable.

  • Future updates will allow a single click on the delivery address to view it on the device’s map and auto routing based on the most efficient route to drive for all shipments on the truck.


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