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Email lists can be created for Customers, Vendors, and Prospects based on what you have set up in your Bluestreak™ database and the “labels” that you specify.

Marketing and Email Campaign

Whether you are doing regularly scheduled email marketing to your potential business prospects or sending periodic company announcements to your customers and vendors, Bluestreak’s™ Marketing and Email Campaign Module is a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool. Also, with Bluestreak’s™ many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions, it is a flexible content editor, allowing non-technical users to author and manage messaging content easily. In its familiar Word-like interface, users can seamlessly format text, set hyperlinks, insert tables and images.

Schedule email blasts from an easy date/time calendar and select the recipients you have set up in your Bluestreak™ database based on “labels” such as decision-maker, titles, industries, NAICS/SIC codes, postal code, etc.


Key Features


  • Select labels to filter specific audiences, categories, and customer/prospect types that you have set up in the Bluestreak™ database.

  • Select the actual date and time you want the email blast sent. “Start Date” is an automated way to send a campaign as soon after the specified date as possible. If no date is specified, the campaign will not be automatically sent.

  • Easily modify image properties using various editing tools for image placement, colors, adding lines, border colors, titles, etc.

  • Attach a URL (web address) within the email text or image so readers can be redirected to more information such as a website or a document.

  • Save time by easily editing or copying existing saved email campaigns/messages.

  • Send internal proofs for sign-off before a campaign is approved and sent.

  • Target your email recipients by selecting from postal, NAICS, and SIC codes.

  • Add images to support messaging.


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