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We understand that promoting new technology can be challenging, which is why we want to help our customers succeed in their efforts. To support Bluestreak™ customers who purchase the Customer Connector Portal license,
we are including marketing & training support to help YOU promote the use of
the Customer Connector Portal to YOUR own customers.


Working Together With OUR Customers 
SO YOU Can Work Better With YOUR Customers

Marketing + Training Support Package


Video + Sales Sheet + eMail Blast + Press Release + Website Landing Page

Your success is our success! That's why Bluestreak™ is offering a Marketing + Training Support Package with any Customer Connector Portal license. The package also includes Survey and  Marketing / eMail Campaign Modules!

Bluestreak™ will provide training to your staff to learn: how to setup customer access levels which can vary for each customer, and efficiently use all portal features including how to "invite" your customers as users of the portal. 

The Bluestreak™ marketing department will work directly with you to provide a variety of branded (your logo, etc.) support materials to promote your exceptional customer service through the Customer Connector Portal. We'll write a draft press release for you to send to your editorial contacts, post on social media channels, design a website landing page and create an email blast to your existing and potential new customers.

There's so much more we'd love to talk about so contact Bluestreak™ today and get started on your branded marketing campaign to help grow your business!
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