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Powder Inventory Tracking

By recycling the material for future AM projects, manufacturers can better manage powder stock, requiring fewer orders, which will eventually reduce
the overall cost per part.

Maintain Full Genealogy Powder Control  
Manufacturers can recover leftover powder from a build and use it for subsequent builds as long as it remains within specification.

Key Features

Track and show the complete “genealogy” of the powder and where each “relation” was used
Track powder usage (virgin, 1x, 2x, 3x, etc.) throughout the part-build
Track individual serial numbers throughout in-house production and any outside post-processing
Track when powder inventory is Sieved, Tumbled, Sampled, or any other future actions

Support mixing of powders to create new (and trackable) powder inventory items
Support nonconformance logic and processing on specific powder inventory items

Include different lot numbers of the same powder or different types of powders for R&D/testing

Enforce approval by all identified users before a ‘bottle’ of powder can be ‘activated’ for use
Enforce quality data (test results) is collected before a ‘bottle’ of powder can be ‘activated’ for use

Attach media (with a Label designation) to all inventory items with the same Lot #

Allow BoM (bill of material) of inventory items connected to AM Parts on a Work Order

Specify ‘shrinkage’ or other inventory transaction type to identify the ‘lost’ powder during the build

Set-Up Work Orders for different batches of powder mixing that may have: 


  • differing amounts of each powder

  • number of mixes

  • and logistics of blending changes for each batch


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