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Increase your throughput, push critical real-time information to personnel, partners, and customers, and tie quality initiatives directly to Production with
Bluestreak | Q2I™ (Quote to Invoice).

Quote to Invoice™

Unsolicited Auditor Testimonial Who Recently Completed AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 Audits
for a Bluestreak™ User


“The interactive and multifaceted business systems that have been implemented as part of the Bluestreak™ software are, in my experience, far and away one of the best applications for the control and management of a Quality Management System.

As auditors, we get to see all sorts of applications for the control of activities, documentation, and records. The Bluestreak™ approach is definitely a best practice. The system supported the integration and implementation of the controls necessary for a solid QMS in ways that are easy to understand and appeared easy to use. I have no doubt that this system will be a real plus for your team going forward.”

The flagship base application of the Bluestreak I MES I QMS™ Enterprise Platform, Q2I™ (Quote to Invoice) offers a fully integrated platform designed exclusively for service-based companies – shops providing heat treating, brazing, forging, plating, finishing, galvanizing, coating, painting, or NDT services.

Bluestreak | Q2I™ provides critical features designed to dramatically enhance information visibility and accessibility. Generate quotes, invoices, work orders, certifications, and shippers at the touch of a button – and decisively manage your business with reliable key performance indicators.

Bluestreak | Global Communications Hub™ fully integrates with the Bluestreak™ platform, providing subscriber groups with relevant, real-time notifications – pushed to the subscriber via email, internal Bluestreak™ messaging, or text. Imagine an operator about to start a load being notified that changes have been made to processing requirements. Or, being able to automatically update customers with predefined events, such as when parts ship. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time can make a world of difference.

Bluestreak | Integrated Quality Hub™ offers the most complete quality management and execution toolset on the market today. Quality managers can specify standard or advanced data collection requirements (for example Nadcap, AS, TS, AP, MedAccred, etc.). Data can then be collected by operators and inspectors via Bluestreak | Integrated Quality Hub™ or Bluestreak | Production Pathway™ and connect “front office” quality initiatives and data collection requirements directly to production.

Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) have historically been an “Achilles heel” due to a complete disconnect from production.  An in-depth solution, Bluestreak | Integrated Quality Hub™:


  • Automatically connects CAPAs to existing and future orders.

  • Provides visibility into all orders that are connected to a CAPA.

  • Shows who has viewed the CAPA information.

  • Gives all data collection results for affected orders.


Now quality managers can have confidence that operators are viewing and acknowledging CAPA instructions and that CAPAs actually result in improved quality.


Key Features




In addition to the core functionality of generating quotes, invoices, work orders, certifications, shippers, and invoices, Q2I also offers the following integrated management of:​

Bluestreak | Q2I™ (Quote to Invoice)

  • Contact Management System
  • Pricing data (generate and email quotes)
  • Pricing flows automatically onto an invoice.
  • Part data
  • Processing instructions
  • Related media (such as drawings, pictures, scans, videos, etc.)
  • Customer concerns (comments, complaints, suggestions, etc.)
  • Equipment calibration logs
  • Quality control plans
  • Corrective/preventive actions
  • Nonconformances
  • Accounts receivables

Bluestreak | Integrated Quality Hub™

  • Generate quality inspection plans appropriate to your business.
  • Specify quality characteristics that pertain to your type of processing.
  • Create default Certification Statements driven by part, process, or specification referenced on the work order.
  • Freeze processes to prevent unwanted changes.
  • View a complete revision history of a process – learn what changed, who made the changes, why changes were made, and what orders are connected to a given revision.
  • Alert operators with real-time production notifications.
  • Issue non-conformances that automatically prevent loads from entering the next step in processing.
  • Connect electronic and paper charts to orders or loads.
  • Create calibration logs to ensure equipment is properly calibrated before use in production.
  • Ensure that the most recent revision of your quality manual, operating policies/procedures are easily viewable right from the shop floor.
  • Quality documents are tied directly into production tracking and control through Bluestreak | Production Pathway™.
  • Collect quality data via an iPhone or iPad.

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