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Bluestreak™ | Safety & Compliance and Tracking can be used as an integral part of a company’s Safety Management Program, as well as awareness of Malware, 

Safety and Compliance

One of the key components of Safety and Compliance Management is keeping records, collecting relevant data, tracking related events, and having them easily available within the system. For example, when an OSHA audit takes place, the auditor wants to see evidence of how safety issues are tracked and how violations have been addressed.

Many companies conduct their own internal Safety Audits, and they now have a better way to store, track and report on that data, since it will be stored and managed right within Bluestreak™, where it can be tied to specific issues in production, with personnel, or with individual equipment.


Key Features

  • Store employee information, including their picture and individual training requirements (both safety training and production training).

  • Employee training matrices can be stored within Bluestreak™, and employees can be qualified automatically on the production floor. For example, if training is required before an employee is allowed to use a piece of equipment, Bluestreak™ will not allow them to continue processing an order if it finds their training is not completed or not current.

  • Qualify equipment. If regularly scheduled maintenance or repairs have not been completed, the equipment in question cannot be used to process an order in Bluestreak™.

  • During an internal Safety Audit, a “Concern” can be entered in Bluestreak™ along with a “CAPA – corrective and preventive action”. (Ex. Driving a forklift without wearing the seatbelt).

  • Use Bluestreak™ as an Incident Reporting System. Incident reports within a Concern, create an audit trail showing the user, date, and time the incident was logged.

  • Safety Concern categories can be defined by you and set up in the system. Examples of safety categories include confined space issues, near misses, PPE (personal protective equipment) violations, and damage. Because every organization faces a unique set of conditions, categories are customizable to meet your specific needs. That way, when a Safety Concern is entered into the system it can be assigned to a category.

  • Reports can be generated for all the Safety Concerns within the various categories, so you can track where the problems really are. With the largest category identified, Bluestreak™ allows the user to open a corrective action in the CAPA system to determine the root cause and eliminate the problem. The ability to link the corrective action to the concern category provides evidence that your company takes safety seriously and acts upon issues when they are discovered.

  • Everyone has the ability to enter a Safety Concern and using Bluestreak™, anyone can enter a violation. Therefore, you may not have to use a disciplinary system unless the offense is repeated or is grave enough for that level. 

  • Within Bluestreak’s™ “Phrases” capability, you can set up “Safety Violation Phrases” (or whatever you want to call them), and within the Phrase text, you can have questions that could then be answered to capture the relevant details around an incident. This allows uniformity in how such events are managed. 

  • All safety program documents can be stored within Bluestreak I Advanced Specifications Manager™, as well as scanning safety training records for each person set up in the system. 

  • The Bluestreak™ “Concerns” component can be used to administrate inspection equipment that fails verification and calibration, while using the “Phrases” function to drop an “8D” problem-solving template into the “Immediate Resolution” section to capture root cause, containment, actions taken, etc.

  • Bluestreak™ can also be used for external rework, using the same 8D template and the “related items” function to connect the original order and the new external rework order together in one common function.

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