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Schedule loads with the same simplicity and ease as scheduling an appointment in MS Outlook with Bluestreak | Schedule™.


Bluestreak | Schedule™ gives planners and supervisors an intuitive scheduling tool that makes load planning both easier and much more dynamic. Planners know that no schedule is ever set in stone. Equipment breaks down.  A rush job comes in. The schedule can change at any time, and often does. Bluestreak | Schedule™ provides flexibility, enabling planners to view all open orders, combine like jobs for processing, specify equipment for each load, prioritize jobs, and make changes as needed – instantly communicating everything downstream. Load lists are automatically generated and/or updated and the operator is immediately notified. Say goodbye to disconnect.

Key Features

  • Gives key personnel (such as planners, supervisors, sales, and more) true schedule and capacity visibility.

  • Familiar and intuitive like MS Outlook.

  • Instantly updates the shop floor, with real-time notification of schedule changes.

  • Enables advanced planning with plenty of flexibility to support ongoing schedule changes.

  • Advanced search mechanism for filtering and combining available orders by specified attributes (such as material, requested date, and part characteristics).

  • Offers you full schedule visibility with the ability to view by:

  • Period (day, week, or even month).

  • Equipment or load (color-coded to easily distinguish schedules).

  • Multiple pieces of equipment.

  • Fully integrates into Bluestreak | Production Pathway™.

  • Convenient drag-and-drop technology makes modifying loads easy and fast.

  • View and easily manage equipment utilization.

  • Drill down into load details simply by double-clicking the desired load.

  • Enables you to remotely view and change schedules.​

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