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Create customizable survey questions and more. 


The Survey Module is an addition to the Bluestreak™ package of modules. With this functionality, you can create a set of customizable feedback survey questions and send to a group of your Bluestreak™ Users (internal company), or to a group of Contacts (external customers, vendors, etc.) you have set up in Bluestreak™.

This allows you to receive valuable feedback on a selected set of topics that you set up and control, including getting feedback from your workforce at remote production facilities, as well as general public surveys. Bluestreak™ gives you the ability to set up custom Survey email messaging text, and can automatically populate name, company, address, or other information directly from the Bluestreak™ database.

Once set up, and a “Scheduled Send Date” is specified, Bluestreak’s™ automated processing will send the Survey as soon on or after the specified date as possible. If no date is specified, the survey will not be automatically sent. You can also specify a “Not Valid After Date” so that a Survey is not sent out after a given date has occurred, if necessary. The system will auto-populate the last “Sent Date” which can be cleared at any time to resend the Survey.

Key Features

  • Customizable and editable survey templates, email messaging to
    accompany the Survey request, a hyperlink to begin the Survey,
    and specify a “Reply-To Email” address.

  • Various types of Survey questions/responses can be used:

    • Text

    • Horizontal Check Boxes

    • Vertical Check Boxes

    • Numeric (to 1 decimal)

    • Horizontal Radio Buttons

    • Vertical Radio Buttons

    • Ranking Question

  • Questions can be set up as either Required or Optional to answer.

  • Individual questions can be deactivated so they are not included in
    future Surveys.

  • Set up your target list of recipients via various Bluestreak™ filters.

  • Specify a Scheduled Send Date, a Not Valid After Date, and the Sent Date will be added by the system automatically each time the Survey goes out.

  • Survey selection options/filtering includes:

    • Internal or External Survey

    • Customer, Vendor, or Prospect

    • Any number of customer/vendor/prospect labels can also be set up and specified, such as Industry or Class, Certification/Accreditation, type of business or service offering, time zone, etc. (these are labels that you define and set up for what is appropriate for your business).

    • Postal codes on billing addresses, NAICS/SIC codes

    • Specific types of Contacts within that business receiving the Survey

  • Can also specify any additional email addresses where you want the Survey to be sent.

  • View the Survey Recipients list at any time.

  • Individual Survey responses to each of the questions are automatically stored and viewable within Bluestreak™.

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