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Don't "BOW-WING Your Quality
Transform Your Business Operations
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In light of recent high-profile news events, it has become evident that
strengthening qu
ality control and management within
production processes is paramount.

Bluestreak™ QMS + MES™ Can Significantly Improve Your Operations: 

  1. Easily Manage Compliance: Manage, track, and document compliance specifications for any industry, with auto-generated compliance documentation.

  2. Eliminate Data Silos: Run your entire production control and quality management from one database.

  3. Streamline Audits: Our system makes audits less stressful and more efficient, ensuring you're always prepared and compliant, and can cut audit times by 50%.

  4. Enhance Job Scheduling and Visibility: Get real-time insights into your production processes for better scheduling and operational transparency.

  5. Improve Documentation: Maintain comprehensive and accessible documentation to support quality control measures, KPI's, and overall business management.

  6. Reduce Process Errors: Our system identifies potential errors before they become issues, safeguarding your production quality, reducing scrap and rework.


Bluestreak | Bright AM™ has over 25+ modules available that can be selected for implementation in any manufacturing-related production facility.

 The modules below are specific to managing QUALITY and passing
audits every time.

  • Advanced Specifications Manager / Spec Library – Monitor all manufacturing work in progress with this dynamic shop-floor interface with real-time tracking.

  • Advanced Quality – Enables fundamental features within your company’s Quality Control Plan characteristics, including rounding and converted units.

  • Advanced Control Plans / Sampling Plans (part-specific control plans) – Control advanced quality characteristics at the Work Order level or on individual steps within an overall Part Process.

  • User Viewing Restrictions – Manage complex requirements of company data user viewing restrictions and ITAR/EAR or other privacy regulations.


And More!

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