Eight Signs Your Production Software Needs an Update

Bluestreak Reading Time: 3 minutes Outdated Production Software forces you to live with known bugs causes compatibility issues, exposes you to security risks, and prevents you from taking advantage of the latest technology advancements to maintain industry best practices.

Pain Points 1. Slow to respond

2. Dwindling capacity

3. More limitations than capabilities

4. Difficult to transition to paperless

5. Unable to network and integrate with existing infrastructure

6. Too many workarounds

7. Lack of traceability to pass audits

8. No scalability

Bluestreak’s™ breakthrough technology can eliminate recurrent pain points throughout your companywide processes including real-time production visibility. And, with over 25 add-on modules, you have the system’s scalability to handle your ongoing business growth.

Measurable ROI

Within 90 days of implementing Bluestreak™, you’ll begin realizing significant achievements on your continuous improvement journey. The production processing efficiency savings alone will more than pay for the software

Is It Time for a Change?

Your production/manufacturing process is only as good as the parts it produces consistently. If your production process lacks the manufacturing real-time production tracking that you need to meet customer specs at your target margins, it’s time for a change.

Bluestreak | Bright AM is our best-of-class MES + QMS solution that brings quality control management to new levels. Contact us today for a free demo!

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