How to Tell If Your Quality Control Plan Is Failing

Updated: Sep 21


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How to Tell If Your Quality Control Plan Is Failing

Unacceptable levels of scrap and rework may be two of the most obvious signs, but there are other warning signs that you should look for that indicate that your quality control plan needs work.

These include:

  1. Missed deadlines and budgets

  2. Higher than normal maintenance and/or support costs

  3. Defect-related repairs or rework

  4. Failed audits (or too many audit findings)

  5. Customer complaints

  6. Failure to meet customer demands (or compliance with specification requirements)

These are often symptoms of inefficient quality control and production Process. You’ll need to attack the root cause of the symptom if you expect to effectively change things. Don’t just mask the symptoms with temporary workarounds.

And don’t continue to ‘limp’ along with inadequate production control and quality management systems when, deep down inside, you know your business needs a better software system implemented as soon as possible. When the quality control plan is flawed (or lacks individual operator accountability), your operation ultimately pays the price.

Practice Proactive Quality Control

An integrated quality control/quality assurance system helps you better manage the many service-based heat treating processes for many different types of parts and sets the stage for continuous improvement. If you wait to react until problems become obvious, it’s too late, and you may have already lost a key customer to your competition. Reducing quality control issues requires a proactive approach.


Avoiding quality control issues within the various types of heat treatment processes requires a proactive approach. Look for early warning signs, and take steps to make changes before they grow into bigger problems.

It’s essential to look at quality control issues holistically. Examine the entire production process from start to finish, analyzing each step along the way. It can be extremely challenging when you’re doing things manually on spreadsheets or utilizing software that’s been adapted from another industry. That’s because using the wrong software, i.e., ERP/MRP systems where the primary focus is inventory management or other outdated systems typically requires expensive customizations (if they are even possible) to adequately handle the various heat-treating workflow requirements.

Bluestreak’s MES + QMS is designed exclusively for the manufacturing industry to drive quality control management from the front office directly to the production floor. Contact Bluestreak for a quote, and start on your path to solving quality control issues.

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