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For Job Shops, Bluestreak™ provides end-to-end control, from Quoting to Invoicing, from Maintenance to Production Tracking to Real-time Customer Portal access. We easily handle Advanced Quality initiatives for Aerospace, Automotive and Medical. A fully extensible and audit compliant Quality Management System allows you to have all of your critical production documentation available anytime you need it; no more "silos" of disconnected data. Enjoy full visibility for management across all departments. You can even use Bluestreak™ to connect directly to your customer’s ERP system and effectively become their Captive Department for the services you provide. 



Captive departments are typically incorporated into a manufacturing company and provide specific services to parts being produced. Examples are Heat Treating, AM/3D Printing, Powder/Liquid Coating, Plating, various Metal Treating, etc. These departments usually have detailed processing instructions that are NOT possible to be provided by the company's ERP system. Additionally, some departments sell their excess capacity to the Commercial market and need the ability to Invoice outside of the company's ERP system. Bluestreak™  provides all the capabilities and MORE needed by Captives and can even be integrated with your internal ERP system.


Manufacturers who need a robust and extensible Manufacturing Execution System need look no further. Bluestreak™ with its web services, and other connectivity options, provides an easy and flexible connection and bidirectional COMMUNICATIONS to nearly any ERP/MRP system. You can use Bluestreak™ to track all job routing for every part in or just parts within specific departments via the “Captive Departments” features. Bluestreak™ can capture any kind of production data during tracking as well as qualify personnel, equipment and outside vendors in real-time. A fully extensible QMS system is included along with Certification generation, plus much more functionality. We would be happy to discuss your company’s particular needs.

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