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Manufacturing Execution System

With automated processes built into Bluestreak™ QMS/MES Manufacturing System, you can manage key product decisions in real-time and avoid product delays, scrap and rework, increased costs and audit issues.

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Message from CEO,
Todd Wenzel

Quality Management System



Heat Treating, Manufacturing, Powder Coating, Plating, Surface Finishing, Paint, Forge, Additive Manufacturing, Fabrication, Etc.


The Bluestreak™  platform suite is the clear choice for a variety of industries that require superior end-to-end workflow control with integrated quality management.


Install on your server or our AWS – Amazon Web Services server platform.


Easily manage, track and document compliance specifications for Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Medical, and any other specifications, cutting audit times by 50%.


Bluestreak™ provides solutions for your operational pain points. (Is it time for a system change?)


  • Silos of disconnected data.


  • Eliminate difficult and stressful audits.


  • Poor job scheduling and visibility.


  • Lacking sufficient documentation.


  • Too many process errors.


Bluestreak™ can integrate with your ERP system, or your customer’s ERP/MRP system to effectively become your client’s Captive Department.


Bluestreak | Bright AM™, is a software solution specifically designed to manage and optimize the unique requirements of Additive Manufacturing’s production of parts and powder inventory usage.


Bright AM™ is a powerful platform that helps to enhance the visibility and timeliness of operations by collecting and tracking processing data in real-time. This technology allows for reduced errors and more efficient deployments of resources, resulting in increased operational efficiency. 

With the use of certain modules, businesses can expect a decrease in scrap and a boost in overall productivity - guaranteed!


  • Real-time Part-Build Process Visibility and Quality management.

  • Advanced Tracking and Nonconformance Dispositioning by Part Serial Number.

  • Maintain Full Genealogy Powder Inventory Tracking.

  • Manage all Post-Processing activities (i.e. heat treating, surface finishing, etc.).


Bluestreak I Bright AM™ offers a variety of features, functions, and advantages. However, without seeing tangible effects it makes no sense to discuss them. Therefore, the key results our customers have reported back to us are what we should be focusing on. These results include...

Job Tracking: “It has improved our overall quality and reduced our re-work because we can now tie quality management initiatives directly to individual equipment operators on the production floor.” 


Inventory Control: “We can now link inventory items to a specific Vendor and/or vendor part; more easily manage multiple suppliers and multiple inventory locations.” 

Integrated Quality: “Bluestreak lets us set up quality control plans that can be attached to an Order that defines the necessary quality and processing requirements. We can include operating instructions, V&V signoffs, inspection, and testing requirements, and collect quality data in real-time.”

Managing Industry & Customer Specifications: “It really simplifies our job processing by linking Quotes and Work Orders to the current specification requirements and keeping track of all revisions.” 

     Bluestreak I Bright AM™ Supports These Associations: 



Bluestreak™ views every customer as a true partner and we listen to the needs of our customers regarding the functionality within our software. From time to time there are opportunities to become funding partners in the development of new functionality within Bluestreak I Bright AM™.  This is your chance to be heard and participate. When these crowdsource projects become available, you will receive a survey from Bluestreak™ describing the new functionality with options for funding.

Recognizing These Companies Who Contributed
and Became Software Development Partners

Project: Company Calendar, 2021


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Justin Krueger - Production Software Specialist


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